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Ornament Display Cabinets

 These Living room display cabinets produced a stunning ceramic display.  They had suede covered backs, locking cupboards and adjustable LED lighting.

Trophy cabinet in college reception

Trophy display cabinet with silver aluminium frame. Adjustable shelves on column system.  Fabric covered back & base panels, halogen spot lights.

Awards display cabinet

A small awards display cabinet with LED light bars to the front.

Exhibition of Ceramic Art

Simple yet elegant cabinets built using a slim 22mm square profile frame giving the cabinets a sleek look.  Adjustable shelves and sliding locking glass doors.

Exhibition display cabinet

This small exhibition display cabinet had a removable locking top glass section for access to the display.

Reception area display cabinet

This funeral director’s reception display cabinet had a storage cupboard and the upper display area was open fronted with no doors.  Lighting was by Halogen adjustable angle spot lights.

Trophy, Exhibition, Reception and Showroom cabinets

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Trophy Cabinets

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We can build you a fantastic looking trophy display cabinet for your trophy collection, from a simple wall mounted trophy cabinet to a large floor standing cabinet to display your collection.  

Our bespoke display cabinets are also great for use at Exhibitions, in Reception areas, Showrooms, the Boardroom or your Living Room.

You will see below a selection of bespoke display cabinets we have produced in the past, but you could also choose from our bespoke Select Plus or Cool Satin collections or our SQ Cabinets from stock.

Reception area display cabinet

Large display cabinet in Ordnance Survey’s Head Quarters reception area. Designed to compliment large glass story panels adjacent to the cabinet.