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Stylish and robust display cabinets for the retail environment.  Many of our clients choose cabinets from our SELECT PLUS range due to the high specification and customisation available.  From simple stand alone display counters and display cabinets to a complete shop floor layout.  A wide choice of styles within our own built ranges or our stock ranges.

Cycle accessory cabinets

Satin silver framed display counters and wall cabinets with LED strip lights

Client specified cabinets with pine panelling and halogen lighting.

Jewellery display cabinets with high black plinths and halogen lights.  Chosen from our Select Plus range and customized to client choice.

Hempstead House Hotel, Sittingbourne.

Client specified shaped wall mounted cabinet with LED light bars and mirror back panel.

Jewellery display cabinets with halogen lighting.  All chosen from our Select Plus range.

Jewellery display counters chosen from our Select Plus range. Light grey panelling and halogen lighting.

These wall display cabinets were built for Tina Engell Jewellery in Bath, UK.  Dark bronze powder coated framework.

SD4000 wall display cabinet from our Select Plus range.  Grey fabric backing panel and 2 LED down lights.

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Retail Cabinets

Scroll down to see a selection of our bespoke retail display cabinets.

Beautifully hand built to our clients specification or chosen from our Select Plus range of standard designs.

Client specified display cabinet for the display of hand made cakes, complete with LED down lights.

Just as good looking as one of our bespoke cabinets, one of our stock

SQ Display cabinets, counters or wall cabinets.